The Lubbock County Republican Party’s executive committee has passed a resolution urging Lubbock’s U.S. Congressman to oppose raising debt limits.

The LCRP’s executive committee unanimously passed the measure and sent it to Congressman Randy Neugebauer.

The resolution strongly urges Neugebauer to oppose “any and all efforts to raise the limit on federal debt, and encourage his colleagues to do the same until real and substantial cuts in federal spending are accomplished.”

The resolution continues, saying “It is recommended that reductions in spending concentrate on entitlements, frivolous programs and projects, and even unnecessary military spending to include excessive weapon systems.”

The LCRP notes in a press release that the Congressional Budget Office reports that the national debt is growing by around $146 billion per month, which is $4.6 billion per day.

Neugebauer voted against increasing the debt ceiling Wednesday afternoon.