On Thursday's edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Lubbock County Republican Party Chairman Carl Tepper joined Chad to discuss last night's presidential debate and the Texas senatorial debate.

Last night was the first presidential debate between Republican candidate Mitt Romney and Democrat Barack Obama. Tepper said that, while Obama did not do a terrible job, Romney did a much better job. According to Tepper, Romney saw right through Obama's lies, and was relaxed, relateable and became more of a leader.

Tepper: [Romney] transformed into a leader. He looked presidential, he looked leaderly...and he wasn't putting up with any guff.He was looking right through Barack Obama who would not look back at him.
Hasty: Obama looked down almost the entire time.
Tepper: I felt like President Obama had a look on his face that said 'This guy sees right through me, he sees right through how bad I am and my failures and my agenda.'

The Texas senatorial debate, however, was another matter. Tuesday night's debate between Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Paul Sadler was, as one caller put it, more like a conversation between a parent and a child, with Sadler being the child. Tepper agreed that Sadler was the obvious loser of the debate, even calling him a "jerk" in some cases. But, Tepper believed that even though Sadler was the loser here, both candidates didn't do as well in the debates as they could have.

The next debate will be the vice-presidential debate on October 11th. Romney and Obama will have their second debate on October 16th.