The Lubbock County Drug Court Foundation has received a grant.

The Texas Bar Foundation announced the $10,000 grant to the Lubbock Counry Drug Court Foundation on Wednesday morning.

Since its inception in 2004, 110 convicted drug users have completed the County’s Drug Court program, which helps them to gain skills to stay drug free, enter the workforce, and establish a stable home life.

The Drug Court system accepts eligible drug-addicted people in lieu of the traditional justice system.

The individuals stay in treatment for 18 to 24 months under close supervision.

“We are grateful to the Texas Bar Foundation for this generous donation,” said LCDCF President Delbert McDougal. “Every dollar of this grant will go directly to the graduates who have committed to changing their lives.”

The group says that 75 percent of graduates from the Drug Court program do not re-offend.

The Lubbock County Drug Court Foundation is supported by numerous local individuals and companies, including Glasheen Valles Inderman LLP, Ki Corp, McDougal Companies, and the Young Lawyers Association.