Here are just a few things in Chad’s Pile that you will hear on Lubbock’s First News this morning. Give Chad your feedback on the steaming topics.

1. Courthouse security

Yesterday I had to go into the Lubbock County Courthouse to get a Marriage License and for the first time got to see the security at work. Upon entering the building you are greeted with a sign that has a list of prohibited items. You gotta feel safe when listed on the same sign are firearms and nail clippers. I put my keys and cell phone in the little x-ray tray, but was told I also needed to put my wallet through the x-ray. Odd. I don't remember ever having to do that at the airport, and why my wallet? Do I really look like I might have a bomb stashed away in my wallet?

The truth is, security there is a joke. They make me take out my wallet, but not my shoes or belt. Do we really need this type of security? I think not.

2. Angry bus riders (link)

Citibus riders aren't happy about the proposed time cuts and last night they made their opinion known. According to KFYO News:

Each plan would cut Saturday service, and have busses run every hour instead of every thirty minutes. CitiBus users are not happy with any of the plans, saying the changes will interfere with their work schedules and add hours to their daily commute.

The Lubbock City Council will make an official vote next week on if the schedule, which has been in place since 1971, will change. 3,500 Lubbockites use CitiBus daily.

This is what happens when you depend on government. Manager your time better or carpool if you need to. You don't have a right to public transportation.

3. Power issues (link)

Both LP&L and Xcel Energy asked customers to cut back on Tuesday.

Conditions for Xcel Energy’s Texas-New Mexico system have improved. Several generating units that were offline earlier today are either back in working order or are in the process of coming back online.

A spokesman for Excel tells us the company’s electricity demand is still high, and both Lubbock Power and Light and Xcel Energy ask that customers continue to refrain from using large home appliances and unnecessary lighting through 8pm tonight.

They say there is no energy crunch planned for Wednesday. My question is, can these power companies not see the need for energy coming?

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