On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Mark Heinrich, Lubbock County Commissioner for Precinct 2, talked with Chad Hasty about his re-election campaign for the County Commissioner's court.

Heinrich has served as County Commissioner of Precinct 2 for 7 years and said that Lubbock has a lot of great things going for it that he wants to remain a part of, using the new jail and the plans for a new law enforcement center as examples. He also talked about the roads and bridges fund. Heinrich explained that the money for the roads and bridges fun comes solely from a $10 charge to every registered vehicle in the state, and addressed the possibility of increasing revenue for the fund by charging more for every vehicle.

Heinrich also discussed the issue of elected officials giving themselves pay raises. He clarified that, while other county employees have received a raise every year the past 11 of 12 years, the elected officials have only received raises in 2 of the past 8 years.

"There may be some misrepresentation out there that elected officials get a raise every year. [It is actually] once every 4 years. Now, we have given the Lubbock County employees, which is a completely separate bubble from the 20 elected officials, a raise or cost of  living adjustment each year that I have been there...and we think they're a great asset. We want to try and keep them and that COLA [cost of living adjustment] just keeps up with the cost of living."

He went on to say that, while it is difficult for elected officials to give themselves pay raises, it is something that is required by law. Heinrich also addressed the idea of night meetings for the county commissioners' court, but said that night meeting were too costly to consider.

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KFYO Mark Heinrich 01/24/14

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