A Lubbock City Councilman is proposing a model to stabilize rates for Lubbock’s City-owned utility and a citizen task force.

District 3 Lubbock City Councilman Todd Klein released a statement Wednesday afternoon addressing what he believes would help some issues regarding high electric costs for Lubbockites under Lubbock Power and Light.

“I have previously called for a rate stabilization model, and I am doing so again today,” said Klein. “I firmly believe we need to have a sustainable rate model which incorporates stability and affordability.”

Klein continued, saying, “I am requesting that the LP&L Board form a Citizen Task Force, which would be primarily comprised of private citizens not currently serving on the board. This task force needs to focus on ideas for energy assistance for those on fixed or low incomes, as well as on how to improve customer communications.”

The Council may address these requests from Klein at their meeting next week.