Lubbock City Councilman Todd Klein has says he’s working with city legal staff to amend laws that prevent private entities from distributing food to the homeless.

This announcement comes amidst the dispute that a Lubbock woman, Margaret Luger, was breaking city ordinance by distributing weekly meals to the homeless in a Lubbock park. City officials threatened to give her a citation if she continued to distribute food, saying that she could not do so without a permit because of the risk of food borne illness.

You can read Klein's full statement below.

In the past two days, I have met with Mrs. Margaret Luger to express both my appreciation to her for the good deeds she and her volunteers have provided to those in need as well as to ensure that she be able to continue her efforts.

I am confident that the laudable goal of protecting the public health can be preserved, and at the same time that specific communal and charitable events can be better accommodated.  I am working with city legal staff in this interest.

This amendment to the ordinance will go before the City Council in August.  In the meantime, I am hopeful that Mrs. Luger and the other good Samaritans participating in this service will continue, and I would like to thank Mrs. Luger for her generous heart and her invaluable service to the homeless.