The Lubbock City Council District 3 Runoff Election is one of the closet elections in recent memory.  After Election Day voting was counted, Jeff Griffith (772) had a six vote lead over Deanne Clark (766) (Griffith pictured, left & Clark pictured, right).

The Ballot Board will have at least 100 potential votes to go through on next Friday, June 27.  Five of those votes are provisional, five are military ballots and there are approximately 100 mail-in ballots that were requested for the runoff.

Since the mail-in, provisional and military ballots could change the result of the election, the runoff will not be decided until the Ballot Board goes over those ballots.

Deanne Clark led Jeff Griffith by four points, 52%-48% when the Early Voting was released at 7p on Saturday. Clark had 490 votes and Griffith had 455 votes.  Then on Election Day, Griffith received 317 votes and Clark 276 votes.  The Election Day surge allowed Griffith to overtake Clark by six votes.