On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Norma Ritz Johnson of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce talked with Chad Hasty about what Lubbock hopes to accomplish during this Texas legislative session.

For this 83rd Legislative Session, the chamber will be paying close attention to two issues: water policy and education. Johnson said that water policy is always a big issue for Lubbock, and this year, the chamber will be specifically focusing on state water plan funding. Concerning education, Johnson said that many on the chamber would like to see the legislature re-examine the testing and accountability system for STAR testing.

"We believe that a system is needed that encompasses multiple assessments, that takes into account some of the jobs that are out there on the job market today. And something that more accurately reflects the knowledge that students are going to be needing out there in the workforce today, while keeping the accountability standards themselves rigorous."

Johnson said she would also like to see workforce preparedness on the college and the public school level discussed as well.

The chamber will be heading down to Austin on Lubbock Day, February 25th through the 26th. For more information on how to sign up for the trip, call the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce at 806-761-7000.