Results are in for a Lubbock Chamber of Commerce and Imagine Lubbock Together online poll.

The poll of 15,115 households in Lubbock considered to be likely voters were asked for their opinions regarding a sales tax to fund capital improvement projects, and factors that affect the decision to vote for improvements.

Voters responded two to one in favor of having the ability to fund major projects by a voter-approved, time-specific sales tax that ends when the project is complete.

Also, two out of three polled supported amending state law to let local citizens vote on whether to enact a temporary local sales tax of up to 1 cent for voter approved capital improvements. 60 percent of Republican Primary voters and 66 percent of Democratic Primary voters responded favorably to the measure.

The polling period ran from January 9th through January 14th, and had a 21.5 percent response rate, much higher than the 13 percent industry standard considered as an excellent response rate.

Of those that responded, 30.6 percent of respondents were in Texas House District 83 and 69.4 percent were in District 84.

Respondents also ranked the purpose of potential temporary sales taxes in the following order:

  • Infrastructure Enhancements
  • Career Preparedness and Technical Workforce Training/Education
  • Retail Expansion Opportunities
  • Recreation and Green Space
  • Arts and Entertainment.