A Lubbock-area state representative has been appointed to a new committee.

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus created the Interim Committee on Texas Response to Federal Sequestration on Monday.

According to a press release from Straus’ office, “The impending sequestration would trigger across-the-board reductions in defense and non-defense spending, putting thousands of Texas jobs at risk.”

The release continued, saying “Texans also face devastating increases in federal taxes if an agreement to avoid sequestration is not reached…The Congressional Budget Office has warned that such changes to federal tax and spending policy would ‘lead to economic conditions in 2013 that will probably be considered a recession.”

The committee will study how the sequestration process will affect the defense industry in Texas, the state budget, public and higher education, and the tax burden on Texas families and businesses. From their study, they will develop specific legislative proposals.

“Washington isn’t working, but the Texas House is,” said Straus. “I hope federal leaders will find a way to reduce the deficit without increasing taxes or costing Texans their jobs. In the event that Washington remains at a stalemate, however, Texans need to know how the sequestration process will affect the state economy.”

The committee will be chaired by Republican State Representative Linda Harper-Brown of Irving, and Representative Mike Villarreal, a Democrat from San Antonio, will serve as vice chair.

District 83 State Representative Charles Perry of Lubbock will serve on the committee, along with Representatives Cindy Burkett, Brandon Creighton, Dawnna Dukes, Craig Eiland, Dan Flynn, Naomi Gonzalez, Jodie Laubenberg, and Eddie Lucio III.

The committee will report its findings on January 7th, and will expire at the beginning of the 83rd Legislative Session on January 8th.