Members of a notable organization have been distributing dental hygiene kits to elementary school students.

Freemasons from the Lubbock Area have been distributing the dental kits as part of the Fantastic Teeth program, sponsored by the Masonic Home and School of Texas.

Coke Etgen, a member of Lubbock Lodge that managed the program in the area, said “Dental disease is the largest cause of absenteeism in public schools, and the Masons have decided to unite with the Masonic Home and School and see if we can’t address that issue by providing dental kits to first graders, which hopefully, after we teach them how to use the kits, it will become a lifelong good habit.”

All in all, more than 3,600 kits have been donated to the first graders across West Texas in February.

Included in the kits are dental floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a two-minute timer, as well as a chart for kids to allow kids to keep track of their dental hygiene habits.

Sixteen Lubbock-area Masonic lodges distributed kits to more than 50 elementary schools across the South Plains.