Tuesday on Lubbock's First News, Leslie Cranford spoke with Tom and Laura about efforts to fund the Lubbock area Aggie Moms Scholarship for A&M students.

Lubbock area Aggie Moms Club will benefit from audience attendance at Monster Hits Through the Decades, held at the Cactus Theater November 7. The proceeds from ticket sales will go to the scholarship fund for students that have been accepted to Texas A&M University. The musical show will be at 7:30 pm that evening. Tickets are $20.

Cranford reflected that last spring, the Aggie Moms Club was able to give five $800 scholarships to students who chose to go to College Station. She described the background and mission of the Aggie Moms Club as having started out and continues to be efforts to "be supportive of our kids away from home."

Call 806-762-3233 to contact the Cactus Theater for tickets to Monster Hits Through the Decade. Or visit this webpage to get tickets online.

Listen to the full interview here: