The new Lubbock Animal Shelter is officially open, and dogs and cats are already settling in.

Opening the $4.8 million facility hasn't been easy. A site for the new shelter was argued over for several years, with sites like Mackinzie and Clapp parks being shot down by widespread public protest. For a while, it appeared a site for the new building would never be decided upon. However anyone who visited the old site could agree the old building was severely under-equipped for the over 30,000 animals it saw annually, and a new building was desperately needed. Finally the new site was chosen in an area that didn't receive much protest, and construction began.


The new shelter at 3511 SE Loop 289 is still making final adjustments as the cages are being filled. Some minor construction and cosmetic finishes have yet to be completed, however for the most part the shelter is ready for accommodating animals from the old shelter. Employees with LAS have taken great precaution in ensuring that disease from the old building isn't spread into the new one. That's why it could take three or more months before the transition to the new shelter is complete. Animals will be brought in slowly and methodiclly to ensure disease isn't spread.

Built in disease control is what makes this building better than the last. Bacteria resistant floors prevent diseases from festering, and stainless steel caging ensures even bars can be sanitized. Concrete floors and rusty chain link cages madekeeping the old facility clean almost impossible. Seperate HVAC systems also mean animals can be successfully quarantined, and that adoptable animals won't obtain diseases from other areas of the shelter. Frequent floor drains, power sprayers, and easily divided cages make cleaning not only more effective, but quicker as well.

The new building isn't just more appealing to animals, it's people friendly too. Not only is the new design open and bright, it has plenty of areas to spend time with potential pets. Cats and dogs can be taken into play rooms where adopters can play and cuddle with the animals. Outdoor play areas are also available for people looking to adopt a dog.

The shelter is open weekdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturdays from Noon until 4:00 pm. Adoptions are $60 and include vaccinations, spay and neutering, and microchiping. The old building is currently open and in operation as well.