The City Council will meet today and what they decide will be very important. The council will consider getting rid of the requirement that they must hold public hearings before making changes to LP&L. This includes whether or not LP&L gives rebates and how much they contribute to the general fund.

Division 12 of the City Codes gives the LP&L board the right to rebate money if the utility is making money. If the City wants to change that, they must hold a public hearing... which they want to get rid of that pesky requirement it seems.

What really makes this story odd is that some on the council had no idea that this was going to be brought up. Do I believe that? Not sure.

No matter what though, LP&L must remain open to the public. Changes to LP&L must remain public. The City Council held meetings in private about buying out Excel Energy and now it seems like some want to conduct business in private.

What happens at LP&L will have an effect on all of us. Like it or not, we all have skin in the game now that there is no competition in Lubbock. LP&L nearly bankrupted the city not long ago, why on Earth would we allow them to do business in private. Any proposed changes today will effect the business side of LP&L and that is scary.

Pay attention to this folks. What happens today will have an impact on us. Also, watch what our elected officials say and do. Their actions will be remembered.