Mayor Glen Robertson has said in the past that he wants to make local government more trustworthy and transparent. It appears as though he isn't just talking about City Hall. The other day the Mayor posted an update about LP&L on his Facebook. Here is what he said:

As for LP&L, I feel we are still dealing with inaccurate information from LP&L staff. The utility board is trying to make decisions based on bad information and I am afraid they are being mislead intentionally. We have a large department of the city being managed by a board that is not held accountable by anyone. With the CEO reporting directly to the board, their accounting and budgeting practices do not mesh with the city's. City staff has had to reconstruct LP&L's financials for the entire last year due to their numbers not matching up with the city's. The way the utility board is structured leads to inherent conflicts between the board and council. I will be looking for ways to solve these issues very quickly, as the current situation is creating a multitude of problems. These issues have been addresses for the last several years in back rooms and that method has not worked. It is time to bring these issues out in the open and find solutions.

Interesting for sure. Do you agree with the Mayor who seems to be wanting to reform the board? What changes would you make? Let us know in today's LFN Poll of the Day.