Mike Davis, Board Chairman of Lubbock Power and Light, joined Lubbock' First News on Friday to talk about comments made by Mayor Glen Robertson on KFYO last week and the state of the electric company.

Davis addressed the alleged disconnect between the City of Lubbock and LP&L. Davis said, "LP&L is a department of the city, but is broken out separately.

There are some communication issues from time to time. I think that with this mayor, and I am fan of the mayor and I think he's gonna do a great job for the city of Lubbock."

Chad Hasty asked if LP&L was working okay and Davis responded saying, "I think LP&L has been working okay. " Davis continued saying, "We have to be accountable to the citizens of Lubbock, but to the City Council. In my opinion, I think we are."

Davis also talked about 2019 and the expiration of a wholesale power contract with SPS and LP&L. He said the city faces some tough decisions relating to 2019 and Davis thinks LP&L needs to build a power generation system.

Chad asked if Davis was aware of political threats made to Glen Robertson and Davis stated, "I cannot speak to that. I have not heard any. When that first came out I hoped nobody would shoot out my windows."

Davis was pointed out by a local television station for being the one behind the political threats to Mayor Robertson, but that was quickly refuted by Mayor Robertson on his Facebook page.