Yesterday I received a note on my door alerting me that LP&L crews would be in the area changing out transformers on Friday and that I would be without power.

My first thought was, okay no big deal... until I continued to read.

The note continued to say that LP&L had no idea what time they would cut the electricity or when they would be done and that I should be prepared not to have power all day long.

Are you kidding me? All day? LP&L can't give a better time frame at all? This lead to a discussion on the morning show today which then led listeners to call in with their own stories of customer service from LP&L.

Apparently LP&L doesn't take debit cards in the office since they working in 1980. The website does take credit and debit cards but the site is old and doesn't work too great. Oh and good luck parking at the LP&L office with their small parking lot. When you do get inside, get prepared to wait... a long time.

I could say a lot about this. I was right a while back when I said that LP&L wouldn't improve their customer service after buying out Excel. Why would they? The competition is gone. Yes, I could say a lot more about Lubbock's city-run power company. But, I'll just leave you with this...

That's how government works!