Time to light up those cigars!

Join the Chad Hasty Show at Heroes and Legacies this Saturday from 2-4pm. We will be broadcasting from the University location (16th & Univ.) inside the Havana Lounge. While we are out there you can come inside the Havana Lounge for free and smoke a cigar with us and other friends of the show.

While we are out at Heroes and Legacies we will hold a Longest Ash Competition. The competition starts at 2pm and the winner will receive a Cain triple torch table lighter. It's a fantastic prize. You won't want to miss this at all.

The staff from Heroes will join us as we light up and discuss our favorite cigars and invite you to join us on the air to talk about your favorite cigar. This Saturday, we will be smoking HC Series Cigars. Join us Saturday from 2-4pm at 16th and University.