Five days ago a man who had ties to a gang and alleged drug dealer was shot dead by an officer of Scotland Yard. Today there are riots spreading through London, West Midlands, and to Manchester with concerts canceled and the English Premier League postponing or even canceling games in light of the unrest.

Its sad that the man shot, Mark Duggan, was a husband and father of four children, but there are greater forces at work here than just police and race riots. These riots are cultural clashes with those who have had free health-care, free college education until earlier this past spring, and social programs to allow anyone to be a dead beat on the government's tab.

This is what happens when the masses are propagandized to believe anything they are told.

Of course the looting, arson, and violence are the Tories fault in the U.K. and the business owners need to be shown a lesson. What is that lesson? We don't know, but they were drunk and probably didn't know they were talking to a BBC reporter or that they sound like pure buffoons.

Late 2010 and into 2011, Parliament passed massive austerity measures to cut health care, welfare, college tuition support, and other social services that nearly bankrupted the U.K. and forced the highly taxed socialist state to actually admit, by action through the service funding cuts, that their government policies have failed.

Four thoughts on the riots:

1. Socialism has failed the people of the United Kingdom.

2. Utopia that was promised to these poor young people came crashing down and Duggan's death was the excuse they wanted to take it out on the producers of society a.k.a. Business owners.

3. To assert the riots are just about Duggan's death by the police is laughable if it wasn't so sad. This is a movement of disenfranchised youth and 30-somethings who were misled to believe the dogma of the Looters and Moochers.

4. This rot in society must not be appeased and they must stamped out. They have no interest in being productive in society or add to society in any way.