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1. The State of the Union doesn't look to good according to you.

Last night, President Obama gave his 2012 State of the Union Address. The speech dealt mainly with the economy and how the government can better work for you. During Lubbock's First News today we will discuss and take your feedback on what the President had to say last night. I'm pretty sure his thoughts on how everything is going in the United States is much different from many of yours. One of the reasons I know that is because some of told me exactly how you feel.

Yesterday on, we asked listeners to describe the current State of the Union using one word (or very few). Here are some examples of what our listeners had to say:

Steve: Hopeless

Todd: Socialism

Tom: Occupied

Clint: Fluff

Austin: Divided

Steve: Screwed

Chris: Uncertain

Doesn't sound like a lot of hope and change to me.

2. Newt wants the crowd involved (link)

NBC's debate on Monday was not what Newt Gingrich wanted. On Tuesday, Gingrich took to the airwaves condemning NBC for telling the crowd at Monday's debate that they must remain silent. Gingrich has been surging in the polls, partly due to the fact that he is winning over the audience in the debate and at home. Gingrich even threatened not to participate  in anymore debates if the crowd couldn't express themselves.

It seems to me that taking the crowd out of the debate, while normal in most debates, actually hurts Gingrich. Gingrich feeds off the crowds energy and you can tell that the crowd loves it as well. Take the crowd out of it, and you get the boring lack luster debate we saw on Monday. It helps Mitt Romney and hurts Newt. No wonder he doesn't like it.

3.  Mother in Jail After Child was Placed in Scalding Water (link)

This story from KFYO:

A woman is now in jail one week after her boyfriend was arrested for injuring their young child. 22-year-old Candace Sanders has been charged with intentionally or knowingly causing serious injury to her son after failing to act after her boyfriend Trenard Nunley dunked their 3-year-old-son in scalding water.

Sanders said she was not home when Nunley committed the act, but did not take her son until 24 hours after the incident. Nurses at the hospital also say the child was hit with a chair, which left red marks underneath his eye. The child suffered second and third degree burns. Both Nunley and Sanders remain in jail.

KAMC 28 reports the couple originally treated the burns at home by applying carmex and lotion. When it became apparent that was not working, the child was taken to the hospital.

If the charges are true, what a waste of human flesh these two pieces of scum are. How a mother could wait 24 hours to help her child is unbelievable. I don't know what the correct punishment is for the mother and her boyfriend, but I hope it's harsh and painful. These two should lose all chances of reproducing in the future.

4. Dumb story of the morning (link)

Goodbye Astros?

In the course of announcing some ‘fan-friendly’ changes for the Astros at Minute Maid Park this season, new owner and chairman Jim Crane mentioned that even bigger changes could be a year away.

Crane said at a news conference Monday that branding changes are being discussed all the way up to the point of reconsidering the “Astros” name.

What a terrible idea. There is no need to change the name of the Houston Astros. Sure, NASA may not really be around anymore but it's even a better reason to still carry the name. It's about history.

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