On Thursday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Mark Blankenship, candidate for LISD school board District 3, talked with Chad and Rex about his campaign for the school board.

Blankenship said that, if he were elected, he would like to see the investigatory powers of the school board be increased, so that the school board can better see where rules and policies need to be more enforced.

"We are not executives. I cannot walk into the school and tell somebody to cut off your mohawk...I cannot get involved in enforcement like that. Where enforcement is the business of the board is to determine whether policies, rules and procedures are being enforced."

Blankenship said that the pressures put onto school by the states is reflected in the classroom, and that teachers are administration are so focused on the standardized tests that discipline issues tend to fall by the wayside. He also countered the claims that LISD was shrinking, saying that student enrollment was actually on the rise and has been increasing for the last several years.

For more about Mark Blankenship's campaign for LISD school board, visit his website at voteblankenship.com