Children always hope for a close-up animal experience when they visit a zoo, but it always seems like the animals are in the middle of a mid-day nap. However that wasn't the case with Angie, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's 400-pound lioness, who found toddler Trent very...interesting.

Lion tries to eat baby through cage glass

The funniest (and maybe most disturbing) part of this video is the parents' reaction. Here is a lion, trying to fit the entirety of their child's head in her mouth, and they're overcome with a case of the giggles. Honestly though, if it were my child, I'd probably giggle too. Angie isn't even really aggressively attacking the glass; she seems to be just lazily curious. Plus, the glass serves as enough of a barrier that little Trent really isn't in any immediate danger...right?

Speculation aside, this video is adorable. It definitely stirs up some childhood memories, and makes me wish Lubbock had a zoo. Baby Trent has "survived" a pretty memorable experience, and will probably remember it the rest of his life. Anyway, isn't that what the zoo is all about?