Following the release of the Texas state house districts for the 2012 election cycle, one current state representative voices his excitement over his new district.

Jim Landtroop currently represents District 85, which, according to the newly released Texas State House plan H298, will cover an area of 18 counties, which ranges from Yoakum County to Lipscomb County, located in the northeastern corner of the state Panhandle.

Landtroop expressed his pleasure with the newly-redrawn district, saying “We knew that regardless of how the final map was drawn, we would end up with one of the statistically strongest conservative districts in the state. Since I am ranked by every group as one of the top ten most conservative members in the house, the new map is a perfect fit.”

Landtroop’s campaign says that the redrawn District 85 is a “natural and favorable match for Representative Landtroop”, in that it pairs Landtroop’s Ag Committee and Energy Council experience with a district whose economy features those two industries.