Royal Air Force Wing Commander Andy Green will attempt to break his own record with a new Super Sonic Car in South Africa’s Kalahari Desert.

A 12 mile stretch of land has been prepared for the run in October, in which the Bloodhound SSC piloted by Commander Green will attempt to exceed 800 miles per hour in a first run. According to the Independent , Green’s original land speed record was set in 1997 in Richard Noble’s Thrust SSC at 763 mph. Green told the Independent that going fast isn’t the most important part of the project, but the engineering. The project plans to donate everything they learn to engineering students worldwide.

The Bloodhound SSC’s motor is a jet-rocket hybrid that will eventually produce an amazing 135,000 wheel horse power, and has to use a 550 whp Jaguar motor just to pump the fuel.

The October run will be an initial one, with the Bloodhound missing two more rocket engines meant for a 2016 run to reach 1,000 mph. The tough part of land speed record runs like this, is keeping the car on the ground and dealing with the sonic boom that occurs when the sound barrier is broken.