We all know that law enforcement officers get a bad rap. We fear them, take them for granted and, in recent months, they have been the victims of violence against them.

But the wife of a West Texas law enforcement officer has taken a stand without saying a word...until now.

Kristen Brunson created a video using flashcards, each with real-life facts about the life of a law enforcement officer and his wife and family. Unless you're in the field yourself or married into it, what these people go through every day goes unnoticed by the rest of us.

Brunson told me during an in-studio interview that every time the phone or doorbell rings while her husband is working, she feels like being violently ill, anticipating the worst.

"We live every day, just sun up to sun down, that way," she said.

But she also said she wouldn't have it any other way.

"My husband is the most precious thing in my life, other than my kids, and I wouldn't change it ever," she said.

You can watch the video Brunson made that went viral on Facebook below.

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Posted by Kristen Brunson on Thursday, September 3, 2015