Texas Tech went to Norman, Oklahoma over the weekend and got run over. Lincoln Riley, the OU offensive coordinator, put away his "How to be Mike Leach" handbook for the first time this year and ran for 400 yards against Texas Tech.

Coach Kingsbury did not have much positive to say after the game. "Anytime you give up 400 yards rushing and throw four interceptions, there's very few positives to be had," he said.

"Squandered opportunities," said Kingsbury, referencing the first half of the game. "The penalties we had on the first couple drives, that's gonna happen."

Kingsbury talked about getting off his game plan. "Slow start, we were chasing the whole time. It's 14-0 and you're chasing the rest of the game," he said.

The defense was terrible Saturday. There isn't really another way to say it. Texas Tech's defense couldn't tackle either running back. Kingsbury took some of the blame from the poor showing on defense and put it on the offense.

"More than anything, the offense going three and out, us having turnovers, putting them out back to back to back just wears them out," he said.

Kingsbury also gave credit to Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine: "They have two good backs they ran the ball well."

After starting the year on fire, Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes now has had two games in a row that were not up to his standards.

"It wasn't like he was making bad reads," Kingsbury said about his quarterback's day against the Sooners. "The ball just didn't bounce our way."

The ball definitely did not bounce anywhere close to the Red Raiders.

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