After week two of college football, the Texas Tech Red Raiders are 2-0, and Kliff Kingsbury is looking to extend that to 3-0 at Arkansas this weekend.

Kliff Kingsbury discussed the UTEP win and the Saturday, September 19 game against the Razorbacks of Arkansas and how he doesn't care how or how long it takes his team to score in this week's press conference.

Kingsbury said he was happy with how the offensive's success helped the defense.

"I didn't think week one we rose up together very well, but I thought last week they'd get a stop. We'd go score. They'd get a turnover and we'd go score," he said. "If we had to punt, they'd get it right back. That's what you want. You want each side, including special teams, to feed off each other. So I think we're getting better at that."

Red Raider defenses have been bad for a long time; this has not been a new development under Coach Kingsbury. But confidence breeds success, and this team is slowly gaining confidence. It's that confidence that has led to two big offensive showings and better second halves for the defense.

Kingsbury doesn't necessarily want good defensive numbers, however.

"You have to understand in the Big 12 defensive numbers may not be what you'd like them to be, but it's all about wins and losses because teams are playing that fast," he said.

The high-powered Patrick Mahomes era has resulted in 11 touchdown drives under a minute-and-a-half. Kingsbury was asked if he wanted to have longer drives.

"No, just get in, get in. No, just get in the end zone. Whatever it takes, however long it takes, as long as we get in the end zone," he explained.

It's this attitude that makes you think that Kingsbury can be successful with his score-at-all-costs approach. It also makes you wonder if the defense will ever be successful as a standalone entity or if they will always just be around so the other team doesn't score 60, or at least less than Tech does.

John Weast/Getty Images

While Tech looks a lot different this year, especially on defense and with a new quarterback, Kingsbury says that Arkansas is just more of the same.

"I mean, they look like the same very good team to me on tape, so we'll find out," he said.

He also discounted the fact that Arkansas will have added incentive to win this game after losing in week two to Toledo.

"I'd never look at it that way," said Kingsbury. "I hope our guys are extremely angry as well going in there. But they're a great team. That loss to me doesn't change who I thought they were prior to the season. They're a top 20 team."

He concluded: "Everybody has a bad day. You've got to take your hat off to Toledo. They had a year to prepare for that team, and they came out and played a great game."

Kingsbury had no updates on injuries.