Meet Valentine, a 2 year old Vizsla/Yellow Lab mix. Valentine has been at the Haven Animal Care Shelter since February 2011. She was turned over to the Haven by authorities after she was found abandoned in new owner's yard.

Her History

Valentine came to the Haven in terrible condition. She had been tied down in the yard by her owners before they abandoned the house, and was left without access to food or clean water. When authorities found her she was nearly dead from emaciation, and is now the subject of an animal cruelty case. After months of rehabilitation, Valentine has gained all of her weight back and is ready to move into a loving home.

Her Personality

Valentine will keep you constant company if you let her. Because Valentine is a "people person," staff at the Haven want her to be a mostly inside dog. She would need a larger yard so she would have plenty of room to exercise when she's outside. She would make a very good family dog, especially for an active family. She would be a great walking/running companion as well. She is a very sweet dog, which makes it baffling that she was abandoned.. Valentine does very well with children but is slightly dog aggressive, so she needs to go to a one-dog family. Also, because of her long period of starvation, she is also somewhat food aggressive. Food and dog aggression are both qualities that can diminish with time and proper training.

Her Breed

The Vizsla is an extremely intelligent breed, ranking in the top 25 smartest dog breeds according to The Intelligence of Dogs. They are highly trainable and can be taught various complex skills. Vizslas, if trained correctly, make very good hunting companions, and can  learn skills like pointing, retrieving and tracking. They are active dogs and require daily exercise. They are naturally good with children and do well in families with active children. They make wonderful running companions as well. They grow attached to their family and adapt quickly to their new family's lifestyle. Owners of Vizslas describe them as gentle, loving, expressive dogs.

Adopting Valentine

Valentine has been spayed and is up-to-date on all of her shots. Her adoption fee is only $75, which is a fraction of the cost of spaying and vaccinating a new puppy. If you are interested in visiting or adopting Valentine contact the Haven at 806-763-0092, email them at, or visit their shelter south of Idalou. You can also send me an email at, with the words KFYO Rescue in the subject line.