Chloe and another LAS dog have been adopted into a loving home! Thank you for your interest!

This is Chloe, a Dachsund mix. Chloe had an owner who was notified that she was in the Lubbock Animal Shelter shelter, however they never showed up to claim her. She has been at the Lubbock Animal Shelter since the end of April.

If your looking for an absolutely sweet lap dog, Chloe is the dog for you. Between her loving demeanor and her hilarious "satallite" ears, you can't help but warm up to her quickly.  She looks every bit like a miniatrue Dachshund except for her ears, which probably come from rat terrier genes. She is very friendly, loves people, and doesn't seem to be very high strung.

Dachshunds are protective of their property and very confident despite their size. They have strong personalities and are known for their loyalty. They are usually quirky, and have been known to entertain their human counterparts with their cleverness. They are vocal dogs, and if raised properly, make wonderful pets for the elderly (although they make great family pets too!)

Chloe can join your family for an adoption fee of just $60.  The fee will include a microchip, shots, and a voucher for getting him neutered. If you paid for these things on your own, shots, neutering and microchipping can cost well over $250.

If you are interested in meeting or adopting Chloe, contact Lubbock Animal Services at (806) 775-2057, visit their shelter at 401 North Ash Avenue in Lubbock, or send me an email at and we’ll arrange a time for you and your family to meet her!


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