During the week we give KFYO listeners and those in Lubbock who log on to KFYO.com the change to participate in the LFN Poll of the Day. Throughout the Mayoral race in Lubbock we asked three different times who people supported for Lubbock Mayor. While the percentages did not exactly line up with the final count of Robertson receiving 65% to Martin's 35%, it was actually pretty close. Here is how it broke down:

Poll #1: Robertson 69% Martin 24% Undecided 7%

Poll #2: Robertson 70% Martin 24% Undecided 6%

Poll#3: Robertson 50% Martin 39% Undecided 11%

Our polls are unscientific, but it is interesting that they all predicted a route by Glen Robertson. Some could say that our KFYO polls were even more accurate than those private polls that many people relied on. Still, I don't know of many people that predicted such a huge win by Glen Robertson.