On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson talked with Chad Hasty and Rex Andrew about the recent Lubbock blackouts and how Lubbock Power and Light was involved.

During the blackout , Robertson called the communication between LP&L and the city "poor." He said that the bad arrestors were definitely a case of deferred maintenance, and that the city must stop cutting back on infrastructure just to save money on the budget.  Robertson also said he is very frustrated that no one knows or has told him what exactly went wrong and what they can do to make sure a blackout of this scale does not happen again.

Robertson went on to explain that there are several issues with LP&L that need to be brought to light. He accused LP&L of giving false numbers in order to make it appear as though they need a rate increase. He also accused them of a severe lack of transparency, withholding information that was not favorable to the company and dealing with those matters behind closed doors. Robertson said that not all members of the board are to blame for these issues, but that the board has grossly overstepped their boundaries by trying to micromanage LP&L.

"The people that took over the LP&L board grabbed more away than the charter allowed them to grab, and it's never been let go. And it's a power struggle, and it's an ego struggle, it's a turf war, and us as citizens are paying the price now."

Robertson said he will continue to investigate these issues, and he promises he will not be intimidated or "scared off" in his attempt to get to the root of the problem.