Sheriff Kelly Rowe says there’s not much he or other authorities can do about a kennel in Lubbock County that has received worldwide criticism because of sub-par animal living conditions.

The kennel, located on CR 7250, houses around 60 dogs in cinderblock pens. Sheriff Rowe says the man who owns kennel has been under investigation for several years, however he hasn’t actually broken any laws, which means a case hasn’t been built against him.

KAMC 28 reports that he showed them stacks of purchase and vaccine receipts that prove he both owns and vaccinates the animals. They also report that a walk-through of the kennel showed water tanks covered in algae, and pens full feces. It’s suspected that the man has been selling some of the puppies from the kennel.

Rowe says all that can be done is to monitor the animals’ situation to make sure that disease and malnutrition doesn’t become a problem.