Ken Paxton, one of the two republicans running in the Texas Primary Run-off election for Attorney General, visited with Chad Hasty on his campaign and comments made by his opponent, Dan Branch.

One of the prime topics of the discussion was the controversy surrounding Ken Paxton after a federal investigation revealed he violated the Texas Securities Act by soliciting investment  clients without being registered. Paxton was fined by the State Security Board $1000 and on the issue, Paxton's campaign had previously said they were pleased the issue had been resolved. When asked what impact and relevancy the results of the investigation should have regarding his campaign and voters, Paxton had this to say:

"This is a state issue, which we resolved it very quickly. He[Dan Branch] keeps coming back to this issue because it's the only thing he has. . . .We have no federal liability. Our issue was with the state. We resolved it. We've taken care of it." -Ken Paxton-

Paxton also discussed his goals if elected as Attorney General. He said that one of the main changes in Texas over the years is the sudden involvement of federal government since President Obama took office. He believes Texas is a key economic and political state for the entire nation and the state needs a conservative attorney general who isn't afraid to stand up and fight.

Hasty raised questions on what sort of issues the attorney general may be dealing with over the next few years.  Paxton says a few big issues will be sanctity of marriage and life, and the attorney general will need to be Intimately involved in those issues in the legislature.

They also discussed Dan Branch's claims that Paxton is not fit to serve because he doesn't qualify. Paxton says he's been practicing law for over 20 years, has a degree from the University of Virginia, and has owned his own firm for over a decade.

When asked what the most thing voters should focus on in the election, Paxton said that  voting records are vital to an informed decision. He says Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.

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Dan Branch also appeared later on the show to discuss his own campaign for Attorney General and raised concerns over the criminal investigation of Paxton.

They discussed Branch's opinion piece with the Texas Tribune regarding Paxton's criminal investigation. He says that the  Texas Security Act regards the offense as a felony and the investigation could lead to indictment and other legal ramifications.

"He won't talk in a serious way about these allegations, so it's a big deal. . . " -Dan Branch-

They also discussed comments made by Paul Burka, a writer for the Texas Monthly, that Branch is more of a moderate republican than a conservative one. Branch defended his conservative record, saying his whole life has been spent as a conservative.

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