If you're a fan of Kellogg's Mini-Wheats cereal, you could have been getting a little more "iron" in your cereal bowl.

Kellogg has issued a voluntary recall of over 280,000 boxes of their Frosted Mini-Wheats and unfrosted Mini-Wheats cereal. The boxes were recalled due to fears of metal fragments in the cereal from a faulty manufacturing part.

"Although there have been no reports of any injuries, Kellogg initiated a voluntarily recall of certain packages of Mini-Wheats Bite Size cereal as a precautionary measure,” company spokesman Kris Charles said in a statement. “At Kellogg, our number one priority is the quality and safety of our foods and we take this situation very seriously.”

The recall covers roughly  282,000 cases of Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size Original and Mini-Wheats Unfrosted Bite Size cereal with the letters KB, AP or FK before or after the best-before date. Most of the recalled products are cereal boxes, but some are single-serving bowls.

It's definitely some bad news for Mini-Wheats fans. But, I will give Kellogg credit for pulling the product BEFORE the consumer complaints came rolling in. There's a couple of other industries out there who could learn a thing or two for this, like maybe the pharmaceutical companies?