Outgoing U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison didn't hold much back today on her appearance on MSNBC. Hutchison talked with MSNBC's Chuck Todd about her failed campaign for Texas Governor, her career, and the Presidential election. According to the Dallas Morning News:

Kay Bailey Hutchison had nothing good to say about Rick Perry on MSNBC today where she gave her thoughts as she prepares to leave the Senate. It’s clear she’s still stinging from Perry’s full-bore attack on her as a free-spending moderate. She repeated several times that she’s a conservative, the kind that couldn’t get elected in places like New England. Hutchison said her vote for the Bush administration’s financial bailout was the right thing to do – even though Perry used it as a bludgeon in their GOP primary race two years ago. Hutchison challenged Perry for the nomination for governor in 2010, and Perry went to the mattresses – labeling her part of a spendthrift Washington culture in which an aide dubbed her “Kay Bailout” and the Perry camp chided her not toeing the tea party line.

Hutchison is retiring from the Senate after this year. In an exit interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, Hutchison said: “We needed to help the banks in a way that would not allow the whole world’s economy to collapse.” She said President George W. Bush called her personally to help save the economy. She suggested it was unfair, “especially in Texas, when George Bush asks you to vote for something and you do, and then your governor attacks you for it.” As she has said before, Hutchison said she wasn’t happy with the way the bank bailout was administered, but didn’t back away from the vote itself.

Hutchison also said that she isn't a RINO and doesn't even believe in that term.

“In my opinion, there’s no such thing as a RINO. Noting makes me madder than a Republican who makes fun of someone who’s not exactly the way they are. If someone’s a Republican, they should be welcome in the Republican Party.”

Hutchison didn't think much of Rick Perry's failed bid for the White House. In fact, she said she doesn't believe Governors make the best Presidents.

“In my opinion, governors don’t make the best presidents. And that’s because they don’t have the foreign policy experience they need on the job.”

Watch for that quote to be in a pro-Obama commercial at some point. Hutchison did follow-up on that quote though by praising Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts and Republican nominee for President. She praised Romney for his business experience, not for his years as a governor.