Thursday on the Chad Hasty Show, Councilwoman Karen Gibson discussed her campaign for reelection to District 5 against Brian Carr.

Gibson said some things she would like to focus on in the future are the development of the police station, power generation, banning synthetic marijuana and texting while driving.

Regarding power generation, Gibson said, "There is so much to learn. There is so much to take in." She is waiting to see what the best option will be for the type of power to be worked with. She believes the result will be a combination of wind energy with others in order to keep costs down. When asked about faith in leadership at LP&L, Gibson said of Gary Zheng (CEO), "I think Gary is a good engineer... A lot of people can say it's a communication breakdown and I disagree with that. I think it's a management style. He has a different management style than what I would prefer."

Gibson hopes to continue to fight synthetic marijuana use across the state. She will continue to work with DA groups to cover all the compounds being added to the drug and to hand out more citations. In addition, Gibson discussed the texting while driving ban. She believes the issue will come before the council again. She said she has been working with law enforcement and Texas Tech students to reach an understanding and compromise on the best solution to this type of distracted driving. Although there are laws that cover distracted driving in general, she said this ban would give police officers another tool to discourage texting while driving.

Gibson also talked about the movement to ban smoking in all bars and restaurants, which she does not support. She feels there are enough mandates on businesses and does not want to place more on businesses by telling them how to run them. Finally, Gibson discussed funds being allocated to the North and East Lubbock Community Development Corporation (NELCDC), which she will not vote for in the future due to the way money is being spent through that project. Get more details on the conversation by listening to the interview below.

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