Join Chad Hasty and Rex Andrew Tuesday, June 26 for Lubbock’s First News LIVE from Good Brews Coffee and Tea Lounge. Stop on by starting at 7am and grab a cup of coffee say hello. We will have a third mic set up just in-case you want to sound off on the issues. While you are at Good Brews, try some of their great products like cinnamon rolls, scones, hot tea, and of course their great coffee. Good Brews also has WiFi for customers.

On Tuesday we will continue to discuss the direction the Lubbock City Council is heading in. Voters elected the candidates that talked about vision. So what should the vision for Lubbock be? What is your vision for Lubbock? Come on out on Tuesday and let us know.

Good Brews is located at 82nd and Quaker, Kingsgate North.