Last week, on the Chad Hasty Show on KFYO, the CEO of the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA), John Osborne (pictured, speaking to Lubbock City Council) joined Paul R. Beane to discuss the many facets of LEDA and the Imagine Lubbock Together initiative.

Osborne said that Lubbock's positive economic growth has been recognized on a nationwide level. He pointed to Lubbock's unique mix of industry, "We integrate agriculture, education and healthcare with a mix of manufacturing, research and distribution. There's not one industry in town that dominates too much."

Osborne also talked about one of LEDA's roles of helping to fulfill the "labor needs" of new and existing businesses in Lubbock. He said, "It's up to each community to decide what they want out of their economic development organization." Osborne continued, "We have a great team at LEDA and Visit Lubbock. And a great Board of Directors that aren't 'yes men'. They hold our feet to the fire to make sure we bring the best deals to the table."

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