On Thursday's edition of Lubbock's First News, John Grant, general manager of the Colorado River Municipal Water District, talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about the district's experience with reclaimed waste water.

The Colorado River Municipal Water District services the cites of Big Spring, Snyder, Midland and Odessa, Texas. Grant explained that the plan for the district to use reclaimed waste water started back in 2002, and that this water had already been used for a long time for irrigation and other uses.

Grant explained the process of distilling and purify the water. Then the water is mixed back into the raw water supply. He said the process is quite similar to homes and businesses using reverse osmosis, or RO water filters, to purify their drinking water, only on a much lager scale.

Grant added that, although there had been some people complaining about the "gross" factor of using reclaimed waste water, the plan and process had generally been well-received by the public.

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