A U.S. Senator from Texas has introduced legislation that they say would curb abusive patent litigation.

U.S. Senator John Cornyn released the Patent Abuse Reduction Act Wednesday, saying that the measure “will modernize our patent litigation system and protect innovators unfairly targeted by trolls.”

Cornyn says that the bill would require plaintiffs to disclose the substance of their claim and reveal their identities when they file their lawsuit, bring fairness to the discovery process, and shift responsibility for the cost of litigation to the losing party.

“Patent litigation abuse saddles American innovators and job-creators, from start-ups to our nation’s largest employers, with expensive litigation,” Cornyn said. “It directs resources away from the research, development, wages, and growth this country so desperately needs.”

The Texas Association of Business has also voiced support for Cornyn’s reform bill.

TAB President and CEO Bill Hammond weighed in, saying “Adding transparency and this kind of financial responsibility will deter many of these people, who are simply looking to make a quick buck from filing this sort of frivolous litigation in the first place.”