The day before President Barack Obama is scheduled to deliver the State of the Union address, some office holders and candidates weigh in on their views on what may be in the speech.

According to a press release by his office, Texas U.S. Senator John Cornyn remarked on what he is expecting to hear from the State of the Union address Tuesday evening during an interview on the morning program Fox and Friends.

“It sounds like a retread of the last three years. The President’s approach to government is only the federal government can do this, and the federal government knows better than you do what’s good for you,” Cornyn said. “That was what we heard in Obamacare: ‘you will learn to love it, once you find out what’s in it. Well what we learned is its unaffordable, it won’t work, and its discouraging job creation in this country. What the President doesn’t appreciate, I think, is our free enterprise system.”

U.S. Senate candidate and former sports announcer Craig James also sent out a press release regarding the State of the Union address as well.

“You should announce in your State of the Union address that your bailouts have failed, the reckless spending policies that have expanded government and government dependency have failed, your job creation schemes have failed and the enormous number of new government regulations have failed,” James said.

KFYO will carry the State of the Union address and coverage live beginning at 8 p.m. Tuesday, as well as coverage on our website.