If you had tickets to a major sporting event, but your date bailed on you, how would you get rid of the tickets?

In Nashville, TV writer Jason Elia had planned to take his girlfriend to the Super Bowl, and had spent $8,000 to buy the tickets for the two of them. But in November, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and his girlfriend promptly dumped him. But here's the kicker: the now ex-girlfriend wants Elia to hand over the Super Bowl tickets, claiming that they are rightfully hers since he "bought them with her in mind."

Thankfully, Elia didn't give her back the tickets. Instead, he gave them away on Twitter to the person who gets him the most followers on Twitter. He says that he's not doing it out of revenge, but because he wants someone to really enjoy the tickets as much as he would have.

I'm sure Elia's made somebody pretty happy with those tickets. And a quick note to the ex-girlfriend: the tickets rightfully belong to the person who BOUGHT them, and that's not you.