Jeff McCreight with Rock City Church spoke with Lubbock's First News' Tom Collins and Laura Mac about an upcoming Community Thanksgiving Celebration.

McCreight said that a group called the Committee of Churches formed in Lubbock in the late 1980s and decided that it would be proper for the community to have a celebration to kick off the holiday season.

The celebration is scheduled for Sunday, November 23 at 6 p.m. at Rock City Church. There will be live music, aerial acrobats and light hors d'oeuvres.

"It's not really a Rock City Church event, I know we are just kind of having it there. We are doing things in the churches under the name Church in the City," said McCreight. "The church is people, not buildings and properties, and so when we do things together, whether it be humanitarian issues or whatever, we are doing it under the hat of Church in the City so it's a Church in the City event."

Local meteorologist Ron Roberts will talk about current weather patterns, while Doug Hill, one of the original members of the Council of Churches, will also speak.

A love offering will be taken to offset the cost of celebration. For more information, visit the official Rock City Church website.

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