On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Jeff Griffith spoke with Chad Hasty about his campaign for Lubbock City Council District 3.

One of the issues facing candidates from all districts is the various problems with Lubbock Power and Light, and how the City Council is involved with them. Griffith said that the Electric Utility Board are ultimately the ones in charge of LP&L, and that he has great respect for CEO Gary Zheng. He added that City Council's involvement with LP&L should primarily be focused on analyzing their budget, something he said the council hasn't been doing closely enough.

"The EUB...need to manage the personnel at LP&L. Really, we need to let those folks do their job and I think it's very important. The main thing the City Council does for LP&L that would be very important going forward is we need to analyze the budget. We really need to look at their budget numbers and we need to analyze it more accurately. I don't think enough question have been asked in the past."

Griffith also talked about downtown redevelopment, and indicated that he would not be opposed to using taxpayer money for renovations, but he would need to look at the numbers first before he made that decision. Griffith was also asked about a number of other local issues, include a sales tax increase and a smoking ban. But in most cases, Griffith stated that he was neither for or against the measures and said he would need to look at the issue himself.

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