Wednesday, on Lubbock's First News on KFYO, James Nesmith of The Science Spectrum discussed a special event called CritterFest coming up later this week.

Although the Science Spectrum always has a number of animals in their exhibits, CritterFest is on a much larger scale. "We basically say that the Science Spectrum turns into a zoo for four days," Nesmith stated. Critterfest will include kangaroos, tigers, goats, crocodiles, elephants, and many other animals.

To celebrate National Dairy Month, there will be an actual cow being milked by a person informing onlookers of different aspects of the cow milking process, such as how much dairy cows eat and how much milk they produce.

CritterFest will take place this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 26th through the 29th. The cost is $12.50 for adults, and $10 for kids and elderly adults. Elephant rides and animal feeding will cost extra. For more information, check out the Science Spectrum website.

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