This time of year it seems like there are two schools of thought on indulging in holiday foods, treats and alcohol.  Either you carry your own bag of baby carrots to holiday parties or it's 'Katy bar the door'! Well, there's a way to have both.

We talked with Robin Hawkins and Brenda Duby with United Supermarket families about how to enjoy the things we love and still keep our tummies happy.

They both agreed that sometimes, especially at the holidays, it's ok to enjoy your favorite things.  But there are ways to do it that are much more beneficial than others.

For instance, Brenda loves the smoked ghouda dip at Market Street.  But instead of loading it up on chips, she opts for slices of bell pepper.

Robin and Brenda both absolutely love cheesecake.  Market Street offers a crustless version that allows them to stay withing the boundaries of gluten free, but still enjoy one of the most delicious desserts ever.

So, there are ways to enjoy your favorite things, too, this Christmas and New Year's without suffering when your tummy rebels.

A happy tummy makes a happy holiday.

Photo credit:
United Supermarkets

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