Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott will argue that a key part of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. This all goes back to the Department of Justice blocking the Voter ID law in Texas and it may even go back to redistricting. According to mysa.com:

The lawsuit challenges a requirement for states with a history of discriminating against minority voters, including Texas, to submit proposed election law changes to the federal government for approval. Either the Justice Department or a federal court must determine the changes will not disenfranchise minority voters before they can take effect, a process known as preclearance.

“It certainly raises the stakes,” said Richard Hasen, an elections law professor at the University of California Irvine. He added that it seems Abbott is now willing to take on the Voting Rights Act, while a previous version of the lawsuit danced around the issue.

Abbott claims in Wednesday's filing that the preclearance provision “exceeds the enumerated powers of Congress” and “conflicts” with the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, which reserves unspecified powers to state governments.

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