This morning on LFN we spend all 3 hours on one topic. Normally, we would never do that but the death of Bin Laden is a huge event and we wanted to give the listeners a chance to sound off. Most listeners were happy that Bin Laden was dead, but some listeners we spoke with took a different tone.

We actually had a few callers who didn't believe what the government was telling us. They thought either Bin Laden was still alive or had been dead for a while now. They wanted more proof of his death. This is actually starting to be an issue around the country and now the White House is debating whether or not to release the photo's.

In my personal opinion, Bin Laden is dead. Good job to those in our armed forces, intelligence community, and to both President Obama and former President Bush.

What do you think though? Do you believe that Bin Laden is dead? Or is our government hiding something from us?