Sometimes, saying "I'm sorry", is good enough. But what if your image was splashed all over the news as a suspect in a forgery case? Oh, and you were wearing your company work shirt at the time and now it's caused problems at work.

It's happened to a man here in Lubbock and Wal-Mart is "sorry".

Here's what happened. Wal-Mart officials gave police a photo of a suspect in a forgery case, but it was of the wrong person. Local TV and newspaper media splashed the guy's picture all over the place and he didn't even know about it until friends and family called him. It's also caused issues at his place of business because he was wearing his work shirt. Local and corporate officials at Wal-Mart have apologized, but I wonder if that is really enough.

What if the guy loses his job? What if people still look at him as a suspect? I don't know if a lawsuit is the answer, but come on Wal-Mart how about a $500 gift card (or more) for the guy. You guys messed up, give the man a little love!